The Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension (LAFPP) Board is made up of nine commissioners. Five commissioners are appointed by the mayor. The remaining four are elected by active and retired fire & police. The elected commissioners serve a five-year term.

The current elected – retired police commissioner is Garrett Zimmon. He is the sitting Vice President of the LAFPP Board. He is running for reelection. There are five other candidates who have filed a notice of intent to run for election. The Elections Division of the Office of the City Clerk has not released the names of the others running.

Garrett retired from the police department in 2002. Prior to serving on the LAFPP Board, he served on the board of directors of LARFPA and Los Angeles Police Relief. He is intimately aware of the issues facing our retirees. He also has a long record of volunteer service to our retirees.

As Vice President of the LAFPP Board, he was the chair of the ad hoc committee to renew the contract for the administration of the medical and dental plans. The ad hoc committee was able to meet with the unions and relief associations and successfully complete a five-year contract for the medical and dental plans.

As you may know, members of the LARFPA board regularly attend the LAFPP Board meetings. We have seen first-hand how Garrett interacts with the appointed members and LAFPP staff. At the meetings, he is always prepared and meticulous when conducting business. In addition to his dedicated service, he regularly attends many organized retiree breakfast meetings and provides updates on our pension benefits. He is always available to answer questions and help members when asked.

The Elections Division of the Office of the City Clerk will be mailing out ballots to retired police members on February 2, 2024. The deadline for ballots to be accepted and valid is February 23, 2024. Ballots will be counted on February 27, 2024.

The LARFPA Board of Directors encourages everyone to vote. It is important we have continuity in our representation and leadership on the LAFPP Board. If you need additional information, please reach out to any director.

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