March 2024

Dear Board of Directors,

Please accept this letter as a very heartfelt thank you for your generous donation to the Police Unity Tour, Southern California, Chapter VII.

This… donation will go a long way in completing our mission this year to ride the 300 miles across five states into our Nation’s Capitol to honor our Fallen.


G. Gurtis

January 2024

Dear President Nonini,

I received your letter… regarding a brick/paver to be placed at the Museum as a memorial for my husband… I am honored by your offer and would be happy to accept.

On behalf of myself and our family, I want to thank you for this wonderful gift and for your thoughtfulness.

Most sincerely,

S. McCarthy

December 2023

Dear Don,

It is such a pleasure to thank you and everyone at the Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Benevolent Association for supporting the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund. Your thoughtful and generous gift means so much to all of us, especially those who look to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund for assistance and care.

We are so honored to have your support… Together, we will be able to continue providing the valuable resources and services needed by these quietly heroic individuals, who give so much, yet ask for so little in return.

Warmest regards,

Christopher Stine, President

Los Angeles Firement’s Relief Association/Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund

December 2023

Dear Ted,

On behalf of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Fire Foundation (UFLACFF), we can’t thank you enough for your sponsorship of our 2023 Golf Tournament on November 6th. We are so appreciative of your support and commitment to our dedicated firefighters and the job they do every day.


Freddy Escobar, President

UFLAC Fire Foundation

Adam Walker, Chairman

UFLAC Fire Foundation

October 2023

To the Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Benevolent Association (LARFPBA) regarding the memorial brick engraving program:

I just want to let you know that this is a wonderful way to remember deceased men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department. Thank you.

I know it sounds looney, but I wish my husband, R. Holbrook, could see the brick that will be made for him and placed on the “Wall of Remembrance.” He’d be so proud. He absolutely loved being an officer of the LAPD. I hope to visit CA someday and go to the LA Police Museum and see his brick.

Thank you, again, for all that is done for our deceased members of LAPD.

Sincerely Mrs. D. Holbrook

October 2023

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for the estate planning reimbursement benefit that I received the other day. I know this is just one of the several benefits the association provides for members, and I very much appreciate all the hard work the board and staff do in providing these benefits.

I’ve had conversations with other retired members who have also expressed appreciation for all the hard work and benefits the association provides.

Thank you,

J. Brady, LAPD Retired

August 2023

Att: Jim Mateer and all

Good work on the reach out to Hawaii for our retirees who may be impacted by the fire.

C. Hodge, LAPD Retired

August 2023

I am a resident of Lahaina, Maui. My home was not involved in the recent conflagration and I was on the mainland when it occurred. While at San Francisco Airport waiting for a delayed flight home I received a call from Jim Mateer of LARFPA. He said that he researched all retired members living on Maui and wanted to reach out to see if we needed any assistance at all.

I was touched by this proactive effort to care for all us retired members of the LAPD. It took me back to the camaraderie and team spirit of the Department. Thanks Jim, and all the others still caring for us retired folks.

B. Ward, LAPD Retired

July 2023


Thank you for your good recommendation regarding Estate Planning Solutions. Pam Doble and Donna have been very helpful. It is a blessing to have people who care and serve others as you and others have done for years.

With Much Appreciation,

E. Waters, retired LAFD Retired

June 2023

Dear Jim:

Just a short note to express my sincere gratitude for the Estate Planning Reimbursement. What a wonderful surprise to learn that this sort of gift is available to us old timers.

My family can relax now,

R. Shedd, LAPD Retired

June 2023

Dear Friends:

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for all your work for the June Luncheon. Lots of good info and a great lunch.

thanks again,

T. Overmire, LAFD Retired

June 2023

Director Don Forrest:

In the early part of June of this year I received a request from out Workers Comp. Sedgwick in regards to my current claim. I made several attempts to contact Sedgwick and was unable to resolve my issues.

I contacted Don Forrest and requested his assistance. I explained my concerns to Don and he informed me he had a contact at Sedgwick and he felt that he could help me. In just a few hours that day I received a phone call from Michael Schroder representing Sedgwick. Michael was very knowledgeable, professional, patient, and polite. He was able to resolve my issues over the phone during a 45 minute conversation.

My experience with Michael Schroder representing Sedgwick resulted with total satisfaction. Job Well Done by Michael Schroder and I thank him very much for his help and time. Michael is an asset to Sedgwick.

Thank You,

Alan H., retired LAFD

May 2023

Dear Desiree & Board Members:

I am writing this note to express my sincere appreciation for the kindness you’ve shown and the financial assistance you’ve provided me and my family.

Experiencing the loss of my mother so suddenly and the financial hardship this caused, has not been easy. the assistance you provided has helped us immensely. Being a part of the Fire Family has been a blessing for sure.

Thanks Again,

C. Hupp, LAFD Retired family member

October 2021

Dear Jim:

I wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks to the Board of Directors for approving the grant of money…

I also wanted to let you all know that when I contacted your office I was put in contact with Director Todd Rheingold. I explained the situation and he took it from there. He was very interested and put together the information necessary for all of you to make a decision regarding this case. Todd came through and successfully obtained the funds necessary…

I can tell you that…is very grateful and humbled by the care and generosity of the Board.

I especially want to say thank you and let you know the fine work and attention shown by Todd.


George A., retired LAPD

September 2021

Thank you for the extremely important information contained in the Fall 2021 Quarterly Dispatch. It reminded my wife and I to make sure our documents are up-to-date and in proper order.

Thanks again,

Richard P., retired LAPD

September 2021

To All –

Thank you for a wonderful 9/1 Meeting + BBQ – great location, good info. from the speakers, and as always the BBQ food is outstanding.

Looking forward to 2022!

Best Wishes,

Tom O., LAFD

September 2021

Outstanding Job!

The 2021 Annual Member Barbecue was the best. The Middle Ranch turned out to be a great location, the raffle was well organized, (thanks for the Home Depot gift card), and Rattler’s BBQ is a real treat. The Rattler’s serve crew was exceptional and Jim Mateer did his usual great job as social director. Everyone’s hard work sure paid off.

Many thanks for all you folks do……….

Highest regards,

Sgt. Walt K., Ret.

July 2021

Dear Friend,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the LAFDHS, our museum volunteers, and the family of Frank W. Borden, we are honored to accept your donation in Frank’s memory.

This donation will help keep Frank’s memory alive through the ongoing mission of the Historical Society, to which Frank showed so much passion.

James F., President of the LAFDHS

March 2021


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Police Unity Tour of Southern California, Chapter VII, I would like to thank LARFPBA for its generous donation and for your commitment that no officer killed in the line of duty will ever be forgotten.

Thank you, once again. “We Ride For Those Who Died.”

Gil C., President of the Police Unity Tour, Chapter VII

January 2021

Dear Los Angeles Police Museum Supporter,

Your gift and unwavering dedication makes all the difference from the Los Angeles Police Museum as we work to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. We strive to enhance public safety by building a bridge of understanding and support between our community and its police department.

Roberto A., Chairman of the Los Angeles Police Museum

December 2020

Dear LA Retired Fire & Police Benevolent Assoc.,

On behalf of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Fire Foundation (UFLACFF), we extend our sincere gratitude to you for your contribution to the Foundation. We thank you for your commitment to our firefighters and their families, and we look forward to your continued support.

Freddy E., President of UFLAC Fire Foundation

Adam W., Foundation Director of UFLAC Fire Foundation

November 2019

Dear LA Retired Fire + Police Benevolent Association,

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for honoring Mike at the LAFD Fallen Firefighters Museum through an engraved brick/paver. We miss him so much and it gives us comfort to know he is being remembered by his beloved Firefighter family. The museum is beautiful and we look forward to visiting it again.

Many Thanks,
S.M and Family

To: Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Board of Directors

On behalf of A Light of Hope (ALOH) our Board of Directors, families, youth and young adults we again would like to express out heartfelt thanks for you generous donation this year towards the support we provide to Fire and Police failies, youth, young adults and our community.

We moved in to our new facility in January and have added two additional support groups for Parents and Youth to our program of support. Now families and youth can attend Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We have seen and increase in sobriety, healing and attendance to ALOH for support.

Your donation has made such an impact on our ability to provide this much needed support to families and young people struggling with substance abuse, anxiety, cutting, depression and other self destructive actions and behaviors. We now serve as many as 80 youth, young adults and 60 parents on a weekly basis who are looking for hope and healing. At ALOH there is not cost for our services or support. We are able to provide this free to all, because the LARFPA and others who see the need and support our Mission and Vision to help families and youth heal.

As a retired Fire Captain now for over 4 years, serving 35 years with the LAFD I have been able to continue to help save lives and bring hope to families. As a dad of three daughters two of which were in multiple rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction I know firsthand the pain and hopelessness that a parent feels when their child is struggling, and the fear comes with that journey. I use y experience on the job and personally in my family to reach out and help other Fire and Police families, and provide them the hope, support and guidance they so desperately need.

Thank you again for partnering with me in our efforts to save lives and bring hope and restoration to families.

​Thank you,
Tim and Susan T. (A Light of Hope Support Center)

August 2019

Dear Directors,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and help.

S.W. and Family

July 2019

Dear Directors,

Thank you so very much for your help! I am grateful..


February 2019

Dear Directors,

Thank you so much for placing a brick for my beloved husband.


January 2019

Dear Directors,

Congratulations to Me. Today I have been retired from LAPD for 15 years! During all of those years I have never had to
worry too much about my medical needs. Without getting into specifics, I just want to thank you for a job very well done.


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