Retiree ID Renewals are processed by the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Retirement Section and the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ). All renewal materials (i.e., documents, qualification stubs, Live Scans, fingerprint hard cards) must be submitted to the LAPD or the CA DOJ as instructed by the LAPD’s renewal procedures, provided below. (Note: the Officer In Charge (OIC) of the Retirement Section has changed since the LAPD’s instructions were first published. The current OIC is Sergeant Gabriel Mayorga, 41825)

Please direct all questions and concerns regarding renewals to the LAPD Retirement Section by emailing

Click on the images below for downloadable PDFs of the LAPD’s Retiree ID Renewal instructions for CA and non-CA residents.

CA Resident Renewal Instructions

CA Resident Live Scan Request Form

CA Department of Justice Live Scan Locations

The California Department of Justice lists Live Scan Locations on their website, organized by county. Click on the button below to access the CA DOJ website.

Non-CA Resident Renewal Instructions

Non-CA Resident Example Fingerprint Hard Card