The Board of Directors are aware of the recent release of photographs of active officers and detailed information. We were angered and disappointed at the irresponsible release of this sensitive information by the Department. The release was in response to a California Public Records Act request from organizations that could be labeled as anti-police, “watch dog” groups.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) has filed a lawsuit against Chief Michel Moore and the City of Los Angeles. The suit, among other requests, is asking a superior court judge to take down the websites of the groups requesting the information.

Although the department only released the data of active members as of September 2022, our membership is open to active members and we have members who were affected by this despicable act.

The Board of Directors of LARFPA maintain liaisons with the LAPPL, the Command Officers Association and the Chief of Police. Since this incident is now involving a superior court law suit and a personnel Investigation, official information releases will likely be limited. We recommend all members monitor the LAPPL website and e-mails along with information you see on “The Rotator” website. We will use all our resources to keep the members informed. We will advise our members of any significant developments, and where appropriate take any measures to ensure the safety of our members.

Should you have any detailed information or specific safety concerns, please feel free to contact our office by phone or e-mail.