From LARFPA President Jim Mateer:

At the March 16, 2023, meeting of the Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension Commission meeting, the matter of the contracts for the administration of the health and dental plans for retirees was on the agenda.

This matter goes back to June 16, 2022, when the then General Manager of the LAFPP requested the Commission approve a proposal to engage in a Request for Proposal process to seek proposals for medical and dental plan providers for LAFPP retires.

Based on concerns from retirees and some of the Pension Commissioners, the Board President formed an Ad Hoc Committee on Retiree Healthcare Program. The goal of the Ad Hoc Committee was to hold public meetings with the concerned police and fire unions, associations, and the public. The committee held three hearings and brought a motion to the full Commission. The motion recommended to the Board that conducting a competitive bidding process for the medical provider services was impractical and/or undesirable. The Commission approved the motion and directed LAFPP staff to enter into discussions with the associations and unions for new 5-year contracts.

Beginning in October 2022, LAFPP staff met with the concerned unions and associations. It was a collaborative effort between the associations, unions, the City Attorney, and the LAFPP staff.

Today, the LAFPP Commissioners approved all the contracts for five years, beginning July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2028.

This is good news for all retirees in that it was a cooperative effort, and we will have stability in the administration of the plans and benefits. LARFPA thanks the LAFPP staff, the City Attorney, LA Police Relief, LA Fireman’s Relief, LAPPL, UFLAC, and the Pension Commissioners for their efforts to ensure our retirees have reliable and responsive medical and dental plans.