From the LARFPA Board of Directors:

On February 4th, the LA City Clerk’s office mailed out approximately 7,700 ballots to the retired police members of the LAFPP for them to vote for the Retired Police Commissioner on the LAFPP Commission. The ballot contained the names of the six police retirees who applied for the Retired Police Commissioner position for the 5-year term of July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2029.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, the Elections Division of the L. A. City Clerk’s Office counted the 2,395 ballots returned by the February 23rd deadline.

Garrett Zimmon was reelected to a second term as the Retired Police Commissioner, winning the election by receiving 91.7% of the vote. The LARFPA Board of Directors proudly congratulates Garrett on his reelection.

As many of you know, unlike many Commissions in the City, the LAFPP commission is comprised of nine members. The mayor appoints five, and the members of the City’s fire and police agencies elect four. Your elected Commissioners are your voice on the Pension Commission: Ken Buzzell is the retired Fire Pension Commissioner (elected by retired fire members), Garrett Zimmon is the retired Police Pension Commissioner (elected by retired police members), Rigo Arellano is the active Fire Commissioner (elected by active fire members), and Brian Churchill is the active Police Commissioner (elected by active police members).