The Rotator is an electronic site where you can stay connected with LAPD colleagues and learn about retiree gatherings, division and class reunions, retirement notices, death and funeral notices, member health reports (with member permission), HR218 Qualification locations and schedules, job opportunities, volunteer opportunities and more!

The Rotator’s Origins

In the early days of electronic communication, Mike Thies, Fred Riscen (EOW in December ’08) and Marty Minue (EOW in April ’18) each had individual email networks, which they used to pass on information regarding retirements, death and funeral notices, and general information. In the fall of 2005, the three pioneers decided to work together by combining their email lists to avoid duplication of efforts. Solely by word of mouth, their notification list grew to almost 1,400.

In January 2007, Paul Modrell joined the staff and helped The Rotator transition from an email network to a website.

In November 2008, Don Kelly joined the staff – and in April 2014, Bob Weisz joined the staff. There are now over 4,400 members.